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Goal Holdings Group prefers to be actively involved with the companies it invests in and partners with. Our willingness to actively participate in partner companies is contingent on: our level of relevant expertise, our ability to add value to the project and the potential profits that would be generated through our involvement.

We support our partner companies through the use of different mechanisms. At a primary level, we provide our partner companies with advisory support. At a higher level of involvement we are able to represent our partner companies and facilitate high level business development on their behalf. Our involvement can result in the creation of joint ventures, partnerships, acquisitions, spin-offs and strategic alliances.

We employ different tools for achieving the objectives of our partner companies. Some of these tools include but are not limited to: agency agreement, business development agreement, brokerage agreement, and management contract.

Our type of collaboration is unique to each specific partner company. Nevertheless, the main purpose stays the same and that is to reduce the risk for our investors and to optimize success potential for our partner companies through our direct involvement.

We are not interested in controlling our partner companies or requiring them to make use of us. Rather, we prefer to be a resource that our partner companies can optionally leverage under the right circumstances.