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Most entrepreneurs will admit that innovation is merely one of the key factors behind launching a successful startup. Shrewd timing and sheer luck, particularly where venture capitalists and investors are concerned, are also crucial to new companies. Here are the general five phases of startup funding as far as venture capitalists are concerned.


The jury is still out, but with the robust commercial real estate market in the Lower Mainland providing a substantial quantity of potential deals, there has been discussion about creating a fund specifically for real estate assets.  Traditionally, the angel investment and real estate investment done through Goal Holdings is from a tight group of high net worth investors who are informed about potential deals once the due diligence process has been completed.  Thus the capital has not been sitting in fund waiting for projects, but rather has been used more efficiently in a variety of projects on an as needed basis.  Historically, the company has used this strategy to service all of our deals.

Some members of the firm are now proposing that it may be worth it for the company to have a pool of capital ready for real estate deals to be able to capitalize on the opportunities in the market more quickly.

We can’t divulge the details yet, but can say that two other clients that the goal holdings team is working with are well into the due diligence process and are poised for additional investment to fuel their growth.

The first company provides social media gamification services to companies and/or brands that have large audiences that they want to engage in a more meaningful way to deepen the relationship with their clients.  The service is proving to be much more effective than simply building a Facebook fan page or running contests that look like every other company out their trying to maintain market share.

The second company is offering enterprise B2B commercial services via the web and is poised for massive growth in 2012.

In additional to helping companies with angel investment or venture capital in 2012, Goal Holdings continues to add properties to its expanding commercial real estate portfolio.  We like to find properties that are under producing in terms of revenue potential and make the necessary upgrades to maximize the returns for our investors at the same time as increasing the value to our real estate clients.

In general, commercial real estate deals are much more plentiful, and actually are where we got our start, so it is a very comfortable space for us.  As such, about 85 % of our time and resources are currently devoted to the acquisition and servicing of commercial properties.  These deals require more capital, but are less risky than our angel investment deals.

Several new projects are being evaluated right now and our team is always on the lookout for additional properties throughout the Lower Mainland of BC.

This being said, our angel investment arm is always open to looking at innovative Vancouver based companies looking for capital and strategic advice.

Water Working Wholesale is an angel investment client that grows micro greens hydroponically and is at the leading edge of agricultural technologies available in the market today.  They have already been servicing a major anchor client and are negotiating several other significant contracts that should be signed within 2012.

The company has attracted lots of attention due to the high quality of the greens such as arugula that they can consistently produce in a highly sustainable manor.  They have also added a seasoned strategic partner operator to help propel the business forward.

Water working wholesale, an angel investment client since early 2011 has proven to be an ideal match for Goal Holdings desired projects – we are always on the lookout for innovative clean technology and agricultural technology companies that are seeking angel capital to expand their operations.

Here in the Venture Capital arm at Goal Holdings we have seen our fair share of interesting investment opportunities over the years.  2012 is proving to be a particularly exciting time as the projects that have been crossing our desks seem to be of a higher quality than what we have seen in the past.

Our pipeline is full of opportunities that suit our criteria for angel investment.  The Vancouver Angel Forum and Vantec Angel Network continue to be excellent venues for sourcing potential deals.  Once a company is into our due diligence process there is more than a 50% chance that a deal will be struck.

Our team here is more excited than ever about the projects that we are looking at that have already moved through our pre-selection process and are close to funding.  Generally we prefer to provide angel investment to Vancouver based companies, however we are currently also looking at an opportunity from Vancouver Island and one from the Okanagan.

We are thrilled to announce that one of the companies that we have provided angel investment capital for has landed a major international contract. Vancouver based Thinware Media, the developers of  StudioCAP has struck  a deal with anima estudios one of the largest animation studios in Latin America and the first successful early adaptors of their cloud based platform.

StudioCAP is  a service for  computer aided design for animation studios that helps them to more effectively manage asset management, approval processes and real time budgeting and messaging.  StudioCAP records all interdependencies and associations and stores them in a searchable database.  This workflow system has been created at the same time as the production of thousands of hours of world class animation and thus has proven efficiency and cost savings built in.  StudioCAP is unique in that there is no application to install as it is entirely web based.

We are also pleased to report that two senior advisors from the angel investment arm of Goal Holdings have joined the board of directors of Thinware Media and are looking forward to continuing to help guide the company through the next phase of their growth.

Goal Holdings portfolio company Thinware Media Ltd. launched its StudioCAP Asset Management System last month at Siggraph 2011 in Vancouver B.C August 7-11. The software as a service (SaaS) solution enables workflow automation and asset management for digital film and animation studios.

StudioCAP’s cloud-based architecture requires no dedicated or extra in-house IT infrastructure to run. The system reduces the time and cost of buying and maintaining hardware and software that can handle complex digital workflows and asset management.

We were pleased to see StudioCAP make its debut at Siggraph 2011, the long-running, premiere international conference on computer graphics.

Goal Holdings Group made a venture capital investment in Thinware Medial Ltd. in April 2011. We’ve committed $1.47 million to the company and look forward to seeing their upcoming second quarter results.

Grow 2011 Conference

August 17th, 2011

An event we think you should know about (maybe for next year as this one is sold out!)  is the second annual edition of Dealmaker Media’s Grow Conference. Grow 2011 runs this week at the Vancouver Convention Centre West Wednesday August 17th through Friday August 19th.

The conference features a day of small, interactive group sessions between new venture founders and experienced tech founders and investors, a full day of venture capital and startup founders speaking with networking breaks, and a post-conference decompression day of adventure and sightseeing.

Local flavour is provided by LaunchParty Vancouver’s opening reception on Wednesday evening at the Roundhouse Community Centre on False Creek North. The reception features startups competing to win one of four presentation slots on the big stage Thursday at the main conference. LaunchParty tickets are still available for a premium.

Whether or not you are attending, there likely will be good stories coming out of the event over the next few days.

Goal Holdings Group is involved with a new Vancouver investment fund. We are participating in the Vantec Entrepreneurs Fund in association with the Vantec Angel Network. The Fund will provide another local option for startups seeking funding for new ventures.

We believe the purpose, structure, and direction of the fund makes sense. Beside providing financial support, the fund will connect founders with a group of seasoned mentors and advisors. We’ve made a small investment in support of the Vantec Entrepreneurs Fund’s goal of furthering new venture development in B.C.

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