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We are fans of technology. But our interest isn’t limited to digital media businesses involved in computers and electronic devices one way or another. We are also actively pursuing deals with companies using science and technology in unique ways to solve problems and produce products outside the traditional tech realm.

Case in point: we are working on deals with two Agri-science companies. The first involves a company producing carbon neutral organic micro-greens. Micro-greens are seedlings of vegetables and greens. They are growing in popularity as nutritious and flavourful salad and garnish ingredients. The company uses technology in a unique way to decrease production costs and reduce environmental impact while bringing high quality local produce to market.

The second deal features a company with years of research behind their method for producing a natural super-food. They are the only producer of this high value product in North America at this point.

If you are working on an Agri-science project or business and could benefit from our help with financing and business support functions to take your ideas forward, contact our Vancouver office.

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