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We’ve mentioned our interest in green agricultural technologies that need angel and venture capital investment to  here over the last while. Let’s briefly define green and clean tech and why we are discussing equity financing deals with founders.

We’re talking broadly about new technologies that offer sustainable and clean alternatives to current farming practices. They must also be available at a competitive cost and a commercial scale. The ventures tend to require capital investment and the longer investment timeline that comes with development of infrastructure. Clean farming operations need land on which to build infrastructure to test, prove, and scale production.

A good example of an agri-science investment deal we’ve done is Water Working Wholesale. Their pilot hydroponics project growing micro greens fits the category in several ways. They produce food locally.

Shorter transport from field to buyers reduces carbon emissions. And they put fresh, high quality produce on the market.

They can operate on marginal land, produce multiple crops year round, and use less water than in-ground farming. Their edge is using sustainable methods to reduce the environmental impact of food production.

If you have a green or clean tech business that needs outside investment to move forward, please contact us. We’d like to hear about your innovation and your ideas for developing it into a business.

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