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A representative of Goal Holdings has agreed to join the Board of Directors of Water Working Wholesale Ltd. We’re excited about formalizing our active role in this B.C. green tech startup. With Water Working we feel we are on the leading edge of an important investment and social trend.

Peter Ladner’s At Large column in Business In Vancouver, May 31 – June 6 issue elaborates on reasons green tech and local hydroponic food production is gaining momentum in B.C. Ladner believes we will look for ways to slash the average 2000 km distance food travels from source to table.

He also figures B.C. hydroponic experience, legal and otherwise, positions the local green tech industry ahead of the crowd. The future will no doubt see tight scrutiny of water costs and availability. Hydroponic food operations like Water Working’s require just 10% of the water consumed by earthbound crops.

That, along with local production and reduced transportation costs and environmental impacts, are a few of the reasons we are proud to support what the Water Working team is trying to do.

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