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Conscious capital


Goal Holdings Group believes in profitable business that benefits society. We look forward to working with organizations that live in accordance to the following principles.

1. Principles

We believe that a strong commitment to ethical and legal principles is essential for us to successfully achieve our purpose and vision. We want all our employees, customers, and partners to adhere to high moral and ethical principles.

We want the people we work with to live and work responsibly and in accordance to principles that will benefit society at large.  We are committed to conducting transparent and open business.  Our thoughts and actions have a direct effect on the environment we live in.  Consequently, we look forward to making choices that impact society positively.

We believe in the following principles:

  • Equal work place opportunity
  • Quality and fairness
  • Freedom to conduct business
  • Innovation and advancement
  • Working for the benefit of all
  • Moral and ethical business practices
  • Adding more value than we take
  • Volunteering and philanthropy
  • Contribution to society

These principles are essential for us, and we continually attempt to implement them as much as possible.

2. Micro credit

We support humanitarian organizations that have self-sufficient revenue models and that is one of the reasons why we support organizations that provide micro credit loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. We believe that it is every individual’s inherent right to establish and run a thriving business under free market conditions. We are advocates of true free market economics and business, and support individuals and organizations that require assistance in this regard.

3. Our employees

Our key people volunteer their best asset, namely their business expertise to individuals, and organizations who are aligned with the mission of betterment for society at large. We encourage our employees to be actively involved with a charitable organization of their choice, and to live a lifestyle that nurtures their physical, mental and emotional health.