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About Us


1. What does the name ‘Goal Holdings’ mean?

This name is representative of a holding company where the word ‘Goal’ is defined within this context as an aim to strive towards for the ultimate purpose of achieving and with the understanding that any such ‘goal’ may require continuous dedication, effort, and demonstration of willpower to be accomplished.

2. Who are we?

We are a private investment group and our members consist of serial entrepreneurs and veteran business people who enjoy operating and investing in successful, dynamic, and innovative companies.

3. How do private equity companies operate?

At a basic level, private investment firms are in the business of gathering funds from their investors and investing such funds alongside their own funds in projects which they expect would be profitable.

4. What is our purpose?

Our highest purpose is to contribute to the creation and continued growth of highly profitable companies whose existence will have great positive effects in the world.

Conscious capital


5. How do we contribute to society?

Whenever possible we align ourselves not only with projects that are profitable but that also have a positive impact on society. Our key members volunteer their best asset, namely their business expertise to individuals, and organizations that are aligned with the mission of betterment for society at large. We encourage our employees to be actively involved with a charitable organization of their choice and to live a lifestyle that nurtures their physical, mental and emotional health. We support charitable organizations that have self-sufficient revenue models and as such believe in micro-credit loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

6. What are the ethical principles by which you conduct business?

We want the people we work with to live and work responsibly and in accordance to principles that will benefit society at large.

We believe in the following principles:

  • Equal work place opportunity
  • Quality and fairness
  • Freedom to conduct business
  • Innovation and advancement
  • Working for the benefit of all
  • Moral and ethical business practices
  • Adding more value than we take
  • Volunteering and philanthropy
  • Contribution to society



7. How do we invest?

Our total investment amount per project is between $10,000 and $2,000,000 and this is provided in the form cash as well as business infrastructure, resources and services.

8. What type of companies do we invest in?

The industries we’re most interested in are as follows:

  • Information technology
  • Digital media
  • Telecommunications
  • Green technology
  • Agricultural technology
  • Medical
  • Health and wellness
  • Business services
  • Real estate


9. Do we have a public fund?

No, we are a family based holdings group involved in venture investment.

10. How are we different from other groups?

Our beginnings are not rooted in investment banking but rather in the creation of our own ventures. As a result we have the foresight to understand and support the projects we participate in. Furthermore, many of our investment structures and corollary activities are unconventional and outside of the norms of private investment practices and yet they prove to be efficient, innovative and effective.

11. How do we add value?

In addition to funding, it is not uncommon for us to accelerate the growth of our projects by actively pursuing large scale partnerships and business development opportunities on behalf of our project partners. We use many active business mechanisms that hedge our risk, and optimize the success potential of the project.

12. Do we only invest in projects with high profit potential?

High profit potential is definitely a major reason for us to be interested in a project. However, there are cases in which we will invest in projects that do not have a high profit potential, but that may fulfill other strategic interests.

13. What is our opinion on company ownership?

We fundamentally believe that the founding members of a company should be able to retain as much ownership of their company as possible.



14. Who are our investors?

Our investors are seasoned entrepreneurs who share our vision and core values.

Stage of development


15. Do we partner with companies in a specific stage of development?

We work with companies that are in the following stages of development/investment:

  • Seed
  • Early
  • Venture
  • Minority Equity
  • Expansion

Investment process


16. Why do we collect an application fee and deposit in order to initiate the due diligence process?

We apply a non-refundable application fee of $200 and require a $2,000 refundable deposit in order to initiate the due diligence process. We do this primarily to filter out companies that are not suitable or ready for further serious consideration.

17. If I am invited to start the due diligence process does that mean that there is a good chance my project will be funded?

Not necessarily. It means that we are willing to seriously explore your project in detail with the intent of funding.



18. Why does our group provide infrastructure, services and resources to their partner companies?

By leveraging our infrastructure we are providing our partner companies with the things that they need to conduct their business and at the same time we are generating revenues for our affiliate companies that are providing the infrastructure. This results in lower risk for our investors and as a result we can provide better terms to our partner companies.

19. Will the infrastructure that is provided cover all my needs?

No. The aim is to offset some expenses and necessities. For everything else, a cash expenditure will be required.

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