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Vancouver Private Investor


We are very selective and careful about taking on new investors. For our Vancouver investment group, growing capital under management is not an end unto itself. We prefer to maintain a limited and closed pool of capital and strive for investment safety and quality.


Stewardship of investor funds is a responsibility we take very seriously. When we vet a deal and it makes sense to us, we’ll participate as a venture or angel investor. We always risk our own money alongside investors’ funds. We never ask investors to take on risks that we won’t take ourselves.
We’re fast, flexible, and nimble. When we see a good opportunity to invest in a private business, we’ll act quickly. If the information necessary for due diligence is organized and available to make a strong case for equity or alternative financing, we can close a deal in weeks that traditionally may take months.


Investors that seek to invest with us must meet all of the following minimum requirements:


  • investor must have a net worth of at least $50 million
  • investor must be able to invest at least $5 million with us
  • investor's moral and ethical principles, and outlook on life must be in line with our corporate philosophy
  • investor must be an active entrepreneur and a major center of influence within his/her respective industry


For information on how to participate in Goal Holdings Group investments, please contact our Vancouver office.