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Private Equity


Private equity is a broad term. Goal Holdings Group is not a private equity firm in the sense of making large scale investments in established private or near-public companies on behalf of large institutional clients.

Foremost, we are private investors looking to work closely with management of early stage ventures in tune with our ethical and moral principles. We will support owners with financing as their business grows through different stages.

We come from humble beginnings. We know how to stretch a dollar and can address the needs of a developing business. So, we offer follow-on financing to suit the situations faced by evolving enterprises.

As private equity investors based in Vancouver we also offer access to capital and infrastructure for the right people and business. Active involvement helps mitigate our risk. We will participate in high level business development, arrange mergers and acquisitions, and help prepare joint venture, agency, and distribution proposals as insurance for our investment.

We have the flexibility to support a wide range of transactions including non-traditional cash flow based facilities such as project and inventory financing.