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Investment process


The best way to engage our firm is to be referred by someone our investment group already knows and trusts.  Another way of approaching our firm is to send us your business plan or investment kit.  If your project is a possible fit, we will generally request that you pitch your project to us at a public investment pitch event that we will also attend.  In some cases, we may take a private meeting.  In all cases, we generally qualify the project through email first prior to an in-person meeting.

We’re a regionally focused venture capital group and we generally only invest in companies that are located in or near Vancouver, BC.  In some cases, we may venture outside of this geographical area if the project has that much more merit however for the most part we’re only interested in dealing with local Vancouver companies.

Candidates whose projects are accepted by a senior partner will be invited to begin the due diligence process.  Prior to this stage we will typically have a number of in person meetings with the prospective investee company.  Our full due diligence process typically takes us over 100 hours of analysis. In order to initiate the due diligence process a non-refundable application fee of $200 and a refundable deposit of $2,000 will be collected.

During the process a company analysis will be conducted. This includes but is not limited to: performance indicators, industry attractiveness, market competitiveness, product viability, team dynamics, growth potential and profitability.