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Venture Capital


Our venture capital practice consists of private investments being made in the amount of $500,000 to $2,000,000.

Generally we offer the same flexibility around terms with “VC size” investments as we do with early-stage, angel funding. However, our criteria are more stringent.

At this level we require proven, viable, operational-stage businesses with a track record. We look for and fund businesses with measurable traction in the market.

Our approach to funding private companies employs flexible and innovative terms using debt, equity, licensing, royalties and profit sharing on high margin products. As entrepreneurs we are not limited to any particular financing structure. We understand the different ways financing can help a business succeed.

We prefer active investing. Our approach includes helping entrepreneurs with high-level business development. We will leverage our existing business network to connect you with decision makers that will further fuel the growth of your company.

Our venture capital practice can assist you with accessing new markets. We have contacts in government in at the municipal, provincial and federal levels both locally and in some foreign countries.


Besides financing, we offer end-to-end infrastructure. Please see our Infrastructure page for details. We will help you avoid the cash drain of basic operating expenses so you can focus on growing your business. Support includes commercial and industrial space and people who can provide essential services you would need to get from outside providers or for which you would hire new staff to bring in house.

We prefer to be the first professional investor group within your company. Here is why. Being a secondary source of external financing limits our ability to create flexible customized investing structures. Owners may be bound by limiting terms established by the first round of financing. When we are the first financing provider, we can work with an entrepreneur to craft flexible and innovative financing on terms outside industry norms.

Our goal is not a controlling interest. Our aim is helping you build your business. You increase the value of the enterprise and our investment group gets a healthy return on investment. Then we both succeed.