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Vancouver Venture Capitalist - Angel Investor

Our niche in the Vancouver investment funding market is helping companies with flexible and innovative financing solutions. We participate mainly as angel investors for early stage investments, as well as private equity and venture capitalist investors for later stage investments. As your business progresses and develops different needs, we offer follow-on financing to suit the situations faced by your evolving enterprise. Angel and venture investment financing structures are customizable according to the needs of your business.

Our angel and venture capital investment structures are created from the ground up on a case by case basis reflecting the specific circumstances of the companies we fund. We are not restricted to particular investment structure or style and as such our investment practices may be classified under one or more the following investment styles depending on the transaction: angel investment, venture capital investment, private equity investment, private merchant banking, cash flow financing as well as other case specific investment mechanisms.

About us:

Goal Holdings Group is a privately held holding company based in Vancouver, BC. Our group is actively involved in operating its own subsidiary businesses as well as businesses it invests in and partners ....Read more


  • How to fund a start-up? – Minute MBA Most entrepreneurs will admit that innovation is merely one of the key factors behind launching a successful startup. Shrewd timing and sheer luck, particularly where venture capitalists and investors are concerned, are also crucial to new companies. Here are the general five phases of startup funding as far as venture capitalists are concerned. http://www.onlinemba.com/blog/video-how-to-fund-a-startup?ref=home Tweet […] view it
  • Goal Holdings Considering Breaking with Tradition to Build a Real Estate Investment Fund? The jury is still out, but with the robust commercial real estate market in the Lower Mainland providing a substantial quantity of potential deals, there has been discussion about creating a fund specifically for real estate assets.  Traditionally, the angel investment and real estate investment done through Goal Holdings is from a tight group of […] view it
  • Stay Tuned for Major Announcements from Two More Goal Holdings Clients We can’t divulge the details yet, but can say that two other clients that the goal holdings team is working with are well into the due diligence process and are poised for additional investment to fuel their growth. The first company provides social media gamification services to companies and/or brands that have large audiences that […] view it
  • Commercial Real Estate Continues to be a Focus Area In additional to helping companies with angel investment or venture capital in 2012, Goal Holdings continues to add properties to its expanding commercial real estate portfolio.  We like to find properties that are under producing in terms of revenue potential and make the necessary upgrades to maximize the returns for our investors at the same […] view it
  • Angel Investment in Agricultural Technology Paying Off for Water Working Wholesale Ltd. Water Working Wholesale is an angel investment client that grows micro greens hydroponically and is at the leading edge of agricultural technologies available in the market today.  They have already been servicing a major anchor client and are negotiating several other significant contracts that should be signed within 2012. The company has attracted lots of […] view it
  • Angel Investment Opportunities at an All Time High Here in the Venture Capital arm at Goal Holdings we have seen our fair share of interesting investment opportunities over the years.  2012 is proving to be a particularly exciting time as the projects that have been crossing our desks seem to be of a higher quality than what we have seen in the past. […] view it
  • Thinware Media’s StudioCAP Embraced by Early Adaptors in Latin America We are thrilled to announce that one of the companies that we have provided angel investment capital for has landed a major international contract. Vancouver based Thinware Media, the developers of  StudioCAP has struck  a deal with anima estudios one of the largest animation studios in Latin America and the first successful early adaptors of […] view it
  • Thinware Media Ltd Launched New Product At Siggraph 2011 Goal Holdings portfolio company Thinware Media Ltd. launched its StudioCAP Asset Management System last month at Siggraph 2011 in Vancouver B.C August 7-11. The software as a service (SaaS) solution enables workflow automation and asset management for digital film and animation studios. StudioCAP’s cloud-based architecture requires no dedicated or extra in-house IT infrastructure to run. […] view it
  • Grow 2011 Conference An event we think you should know about (maybe for next year as this one is sold out!)  is the second annual edition of Dealmaker Media’s Grow Conference. Grow 2011 runs this week at the Vancouver Convention Centre West Wednesday August 17th through Friday August 19th. The conference features a day of small, interactive group sessions […] view it
  • Goal Holdings Supports The Vantec Entrepreneurs Fund Goal Holdings Group is involved with a new Vancouver investment fund. We are participating in the Vantec Entrepreneurs Fund in association with the Vantec Angel Network. The Fund will provide another local option for startups seeking funding for new ventures. We believe the purpose, structure, and direction of the fund makes sense. Beside providing financial support, […] view it
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